As they say, “Hard Skills will get you the interview but Soft Skills will get you the job.”


As they say, “Hard Skills will get you the interview but Soft Skills will get you the job.” So what are #SoftSkils? Come to @LITCOLLEGETOUR LA on 1/31/15 to hear first-hand from expert speaker, entrepreneur, author and consultant Elisha Hall, how you can develop your Soft Skills to stand out from the crowd!

For the last decade Elisha has focused solely on understanding what makes some people successful while others aren’t, what separates the top performers form everyone else and how the mind affects how we see our world. Through which he has had the privilege of interviewing such people as Donald Trump, John Maxwell and Jack Canfield; Being called on by Gloria Estephan, Sears and UNICEF; Consulting for Spike TV and helped grow revenue for Make-A-Wish Foundation and Ronald McDonald House just to name a few.

Through this Elisha has realized that success leaves clues and from these clues he has come up with concepts and principles that can tie together the success many of the before mentioned people and businesses are seeing.

“I have spent the last decade of my life striving to understand what separates the elite. The people that we call visionaries and geniuses. We can all agree that in every industry, career path or field some people are more successful than others. In meeting with some of these CEOs and interviewing these individuals I’ve come up with results focused action plans. Driving business revenue and increasing personal growth is a passion of mine. This is what I do and I’m great at it. I have realized that helping businesses increase their market share through some of the principles and ideas within my tool box, allows for more jobs and less layoffs, more philanthropic efforts around the US and even the world, and less stress across all levels of company hierarchy creating the best atmosphere for employees to work!”

Elisha Hall

Elisha Hall