LIT College Tour is Changing How You Source, Engage and Hire the Right Talent on Campus

Let’s face it, the old model of simply relying on career fairs is outdated.  To hire the right candidate, it takes empathy, real communication and instinct. And in a world saturated with technology, we know it’s the face-to-face interaction that makes the difference.

One event. 10 Campuses. Thousands of Student Leaders. 
College campuses are busy places, and it’s easy to get lost in the mix. Making the right connections with student groups, career center and educators can be the best way for employers to introduce their brands, network with prospective candidates, and position their companies as an employer of choice.

Increase Diversity
Build a diverse talent pipeline from talent that might otherwise go overlooked. 83% of our attendees are minorities, 71% first-generation and over half are women.

Engage On Campus
We create campaigns that target and engage your ideal candidate through our network of student organizations, career centers and educators.  Our proactive recruiting process focuses on identifying and engaging talent before its in demand, establishing contact, nurturing relationships and ultimately making the candidate interested in an open opportunity. Campaigns are supported via digital, social and traditional media for maximum impact.