How a musician learned to code in 3 months!


Jazmine R. has a bachelor’s degree in music and was working in at a youth symphony in the Bay Area. She had earned her undergraduate degree in music from Cal State Northridge. Being in the Bay Area, Jazmine became aware of all of the job opportunities in technology, but she wasn’t sure that she was ready to leave music behind. Her plan was to return to the Los Angeles area and continue to work in music, but that plan wasn’t working out.

When finding another job in a symphony wasn’t happening for her, Jazmine started to get more serious about a career change. She wanted to find what she liked about music in a new career.

“I wanted something challenging, something where I would always be learning and growing constantly,” Jazmine said.

Initially, Jazmine thought that she would attend bootcamp in the Bay Area and then return to Los Angeles, but she found out about Sabio after doing some research online. Sabio’s robust online presence impressed Jazmine. She didn’t attend any orientation sessions, but she did speak with Liliana Monge, Sabio’s co-founder and CEO, over the phone and felt comfortable with how the program was described. Jazmine also liked the community aspect of Sabio and how the leadership would continue to be there for the fellows after graduation.

Jazmine studied in Cohort 21, which was Mike McGranahan’s first official cohort as an instructor for Sabio.

“Mike is an amazing instructor. He’s super patient. Being in a bootcamp, there are definitely a lot of times when you feel that you don’t know anything, but Mike is uplifting and understanding, which I really appreciated,” Jazmine said.

As for music, Jazmine said that she would like to eventually do something professionally that blends her music education and technology.

For now, Jazmine was recently hired as a junior software developer at a payroll service company.

Congrats Jazmine!

Source: From blog, Reprinted with permission.