Time for a “Reality Check”


“Reality Check: A College Student’s Survival Guide”, is a new book by LIT College Tour’s San Diego entrepreneurship panelist John Mikaelian. John outlines some of his own experiences moving through high school, the working world and into college and he asks a lot of interesting questions to the reader along the way. As a first generation college student John had to forge a large part of his path simply through trial and error. Walking the reader through some mistakes as well as successes you feel as though you get to know John and his approach to life.

Personally, I sat down last night and read the whole book in one sitting. His conversational style pulled me in and makes you think a lot about your life and approach to it. Going into my senior year of college of course I didn’t think I really had too much more to learn, I have the experience under my belt. John encouraged me to take a step back and reassess things a little as I approach my final semesters. He made me ask myself what can I do to get the most out of these final months while I’m in them and also what can I do to get the most out of the time in the long term as I approach graduation and entrance into the working world.

One thing that I really took to heart that John talks about throughout the book is the possibility of an over-reliance of technology. A fact that I had been thinking about before but he takes a step further. For me, nothing is more bothersome than being out to dinner with some of my closest friends and looking up to see the whole table on their phones. While I’m not perfect either and also get a little anxious when I don’t have my phone in my pocket or hand, there is still nothing better than a great conversation. It’s always interesting to see who people value more in stores or restaurants as well, the person there in the flesh or the phone ringing. I for one have been mid-conversation with hosts at restaurants when they answer the phone, sometimes putting that person on hold, but other times taking the full call while I stand waiting. When should we value the person in front of us or at the table with us and when do we place more of an emphasis on the person farther away contacting us through our phones. Technology has changed our lives, but sometimes it is nice to take a break and fully enjoy the company of those around you rather than be preoccupied with texts or instagrams coming from across the city or country.

In all “Reality Check” is full of everyday tips and brings up a lot of important questions for college students to think about. John is a Leader in more ways than one, and innovator in writing the first ever college survival guide by a current student. He’s a great person who shows the route to success has an unbelievable number of paths and encourages everyone to understand that and explore possibilities before they decide on an end goal that may be much different than previously expected.

LIT is extremely excited that we are able to welcome John as the guest on our first ever webinar series airing this Thursday, July 31. We will be discussing his book and answering questions live from you throughout the webinar.

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